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Do You Work Out on Vacation?

Written on May 27, 2011 at 1:43 am , by

Do you exercise in paradise? (Photo courtesy of Gwen Flamberg)

If you’re traveling for Memorial Day: Will you stick with your workout and diet plan or reward yourself with a (deserved!) day or two off?

Only 45 percent of Americans say they try to avoid gaining weight on vacation, according to a survey of 1,000 people commissioned by Marriott’s SpringHill Suites. Other interesting stats:

  • 55 percent say walking or jogging is their favorite way to exercise on vacation
  • Three times as many travelers use cardio machines compared to jogging outside
  • The top three ways that women stay fit while traveling:
  1. Cardio machines (31 percent)
  2. Jogging path (9 percent)
  3. Pilates, yoga or stretching (6 percent)

Now tell us: What are your favorite ways to get a fitness fix and eat right during a trip?

  • http://www.sistasofstrength.com Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength

    I love working out while traveling. If we travel by car we almost always bring a few kettlebells and find a track where we can do a workout. If we fly somewhere and stay at a hotel, I usually use the hotel gym. Limited equipment just gives me an excuse to get creative with what’s there. Timed Bodyweight exercises and/or running can pretty much be done anywhere!

  • http://www.emglivefitness.com Joyce

    I hvae found that I always have my ipad, computer or iphone, so I can work out on line streaming some on-demand classes.
    I can’t wait to do Yoga on the beach to Kristin McGee.

  • http://www.ironpuali.com Brigitte Crawford

    I look forward to the subtle change up working out on vacation can bring. Different gym, different equipment, different folks to interact with. Keeping a routine (granted it can sometimes be pretty creative) while away from home can relieve stress, keep you fit and keep you on target!

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  • Jill Newman

    Apps on my iPad like Pocket Yoga, Nike Training Club or interval timers for a quick workout in my hotel room

  • Marsa_Supergirl

    jogging path is the best exercise on vacation but i adore stretching exercises as well

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