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kate walsh

Kate Walsh on Inspiring Exes, Fragrance, and Her Favorite Workout

Written on July 31, 2012 at 11:21 am , by


Kate Walsh with her new fragrance, Billionaire Boyfriend (Photo courtesy of Startraks)

One might assume that actress Kate Walsh is all business—she plays a doctor on ABC’s Private Practice, after all. But in real life, she’s a super-friendly, could-chat-for-days girl’s girl with a long-time love for fragrance. Her first scent, Boyfriend, debuted last year and now she’s launching her second, Billionaire Boyfriend ($75, sephora.com). Kate called me up to talk about her latest (and much wealthier) perfume, beauty must-haves, and how she maintains her toned physique.

The inspiration: “I had this idea years ago when I was shopping at Jeffrey in New York. I recently had a break-up with a boyfriend. I missed him and I missed his scent and I felt very empowered. I was like, ‘You know what? I’m not going to have a boyfriend; I don’t need a boyfriend. I’m going to go to the men’s fragrance counter and just find something.’ And then I thought, ‘Boyfriend, boyfriend. Wouldn’t that be a great name for a fragrance?’ I was inspired by “boyfriend” and what that connotes and girls talking about their boyfriends and their memories. I wanted to create that memory and that immensely sexy feeling that I had from the memory of a boyfriend.”

So there’s “Boyfriend”…“When we first started to make the original Boyfriend fragrance, I was like, ‘Well I remember my first boyfriend’s cologne in high school—Polo Ralph Lauren. I didn’t want it to smell like that, but I remember that feeling of going out on a date and coming home and having the smell on my shirt. I wanted the woodiness in there, but I really wanted it to be feminine. Fabulous perfumer Mary Pierre Julien came up with the formula, which had a floral top note with patchouli, amber, and sandalwood.

And now there’s “Billionaire Boyfriend”… “At the same time Boyfriend was developed, I had ideas for subsequent boyfriends. So Mary Pierre Julien developed this other fragrance, which became Billionaire Boyfriend. Both of them were crazytown good, but I was really obsessed with Billionaire Boyfriend. It’s an oriental floral. The only continuity from the original Boyfriend line is the woody dry-down. We called it ‘Billionaire’ because it was so luxe and indulgent with exotic fruits (like tangerine) and florals (like jasmine and gardenia). It’s spoiling yourself with decadence and luxury and having it be accessible—you don’t have to actually be a billionaire to have that fantasy.” Read more