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What Feature Are You Most Proud Of?

Written on August 2, 2011 at 3:08 pm , by

At FITNESS, we’re big proponents of confidence and taking pride in your appearance, so we asked fellow FITNESS staffers what feature they love the most about themselves:

  • “Strangers compliment my hazel eyes, which are an unusual blend of auburn and green. They make me feel unique—plus, they don’t require strenuous upkeep!” —Danielle Paquette, editorial intern
  • “I love the way my legs are feeling these days—super-strong, toned and lean. I have really long legs and I love highlighting them now that running and Spinning has helped them look so fabulous!” —Samantha Shelton, freelance editorial assistant
  • “I’m most proud of my skin. After years of fighting acne, I’ve finally figured out a skincare routine and developed healthy habits to have a clear, smooth complexion.” —Marianne Magno, assistant web editor
  • “Someone once told me I have nice hands because my nails are always manicured and my hands are soft. I never thought it was something to be proud of until I realized that a handshake is a huge part of a first impression!” —Theresa K. Brady, editorial intern
  • “I love my naturally curly/wavy hair. I used to straighten it to rid myself of the curls I thought I was doomed with. But since training for marathons, triathlons, and testing classes requires me to constantly throw my hair into a ponytail or leave it natural after a gym shower, I’ve had to embrace my curly hair—and have even learned to love it.” —Jenna Autuori, fitness editor
  • “My smile! My mom has the same goofy grin and it reminds me of her many times when I look in the mirror.” —Karla Walsh, editorial assistant

As for me, I love my skin—which is finally clear after a decade of battling both acne and eczema simultaneously—and my hair, which blessedly air-dries into decent-looking waves.

Tell us: What feature are you most proud of?

  • Christine

    My hair, it’s always different and very stylish.

  • Elaine DiGiovanni

    My heart. A happy heart allows for a radiant smile, glowing complection and long life. To keep a pulsating heart that beats for joy, surround it by family and friends, a healthy diet and lots and lots of exercise.

  • Dani

    My hair. It has always been thick and long. I get compliments on it all the time. Even at 40, I still have a full head of hair that is so thick, it constantly breaks bands that I put in my hair.

  • http://the1fitfoodie.blogspot.com Niki

    My eyes. I have HUGE dark brown eyes. My son has the same eyes and I love looking at his. They’re so bright and friendly and draw people in.

  • Carla

    I love my blue-green-yellow eyes as they are very expressive and my contagious smile (as I was told). I used to love my cleavage, bu I lost weight so now I love my legs! :D …and I also agree with Elaine’s happy heart theory! You all have a great day! ;)

  • Shannon

    I have definitely received the most comments and looks on my legs with a close second to my abs :)

  • Jackie

    My nose – small, upturned, and a recurring trait in my family. I love keeping the cute gene going!