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Tried-It Tuesday: Luminous Lashes

Written on October 12, 2010 at 6:52 am , by

Lashes complete any makeup look, whether you’re going for dramatic or subtle. Try these easy (and cheap) tricks for gorgeous fringe:

  1. Use your blow dryer and eyelash curling together. Turn your blow dryer on to a medium setting and blast the heat onto your curler for 15 seconds. Then, use your eyelash curler as you normally would—your lashes will curl easier and look much more dramatic than with mascara alone.
  2. Just say no to clumps. Even the best mascaras begin to get clumpy after a few uses. Don’t give up on it just yet, though—run the closed tube under super-hot water to re-liquify the formula, then apply as usual.
  3. Wearing clear mascara under your usual tinted version can work as a base, adding thickness to your lashes. Having a base undercoat can also make the color appear darker, for a  more dramatic effect. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly before applying the colored formula.

These tips work great alone—and are even better when combined. What’s your favorite lash trick?

-Kari LaPrade, beauty intern

  • madison hale

    Love this article! Thank you! and for me I have tried the Luminous Lashes heated eyelash curler and LOVE it~ Best I have ever used..I read reviews on Amazon and ordered on HotLashes.com site.
    My straight lashes stay super curled. Love the high quality metal curler that also comes with this pink heater base thingy that just heats up the pad in the curler to the best temp>>>
    Best, best I have ever tried that works!

  • Beauty412

    Thanks for this review….i tried and loved it as much…~!

  • Beauty412

    Loved the Hot Lashes and the Luminous Lashes ones…Fave~!