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Swimsuit Fashion

Drop the towel and get confident! We'll help you find your most flattering swimsuit -- no matter what your body type -- with expert shopping tips and cute swimwear picks.

Swimsuit season can be stressful—especially if you're not particularly excited about the idea of sporting a tiny two piece.

Whether you're seaside or poolside, cute swimsuits make any day in the sun a little bit more fun. Browse some of this season's most stylish suits and find the perfect one for you.

This season’s one piece swimsuits are sexier than ever thanks to fringe, cutouts, lace, and other intricate designs. Problem spots, solved.

These sexy swimsuits give you coverage but still show some skin.

Join us on the sandy beaches of the Dominican Republic as we go behind the scenes of our May swim issue.

Don't sizzle on the sidelines — these sporty, sexy suits are built for action. Find the one that fits your shape and get in the game.

One-piece swimsuits that flatter your body type and make you look leaner.

Bikinis that will stay up when you're swimming laps or playing beach volleyball.

Flatter your figure with these bottom-slimming suits.

Swimsuits and support and structure for a large chest.

Flatter your figure with these curve-enhancing swimsuits.

Flattering swimsuit with body-slimming control to hide a belly.

Key accessories and fashionable cover-ups take you from pool to party!

These swimsuits slim your butt and thighs and have tops that add oomph to your upper body.

These swimsuits play up curves without overpowering your frame.

These swimsuits highlight your upper body and lengthen legs for a leaner look.

These swimsuits boost your bust to flatter your upper body.