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Expert advice on skin care, makeup tips and hairstyles to fit your personality. Plus, fashion and style tips from the pros.
2 days ago
She got it to treat psoriasis...but is it an effective treatment? More
1 week ago
Dermatologists are pretty well-versed in all things beauty products. So they've cherry-pick the creams, serums, masks, peels, and oils that are most likely to provide lasting results. More
1 week ago
Top trainers finally reveal the best water- and workout-proof makeup items that actually hold up to a full day of sweat. More
1 week ago
An itchy scalp and white flakes on your shoulders can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Here's how to deal. More

DIY Mint Mani

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1 week ago
Here's how to prep for the big strip, straight from the dermatologist. More
2 weeks ago
The lowdown on face masks, and which ones you should be using, from a dermatologist. More
3 weeks ago
The skin is your largest, most accessible organ, making self-diagnosis and treatment a common occurrence. Here, top dermatologists from around the country share their advice on what not to do when temptation (or Google) calls. More
1 month ago
Um, basically the exact opposite of what we were going for. More
1 month ago
The Olympic swimmer discusses his devastating groin injury, body hair struggles, and his plans to take a major break from swimming post-Rio. More
1 month ago
A derm debunks the latest trend in milk of magnesia facials. More
1 month ago
When it comes to cleansing, different faces have different needs. The wrong cleanser won't effectively remove dirt and oil, and in some cases, it can destroy your skin. Here's how to cleanse the right way. More
1 month ago
Because you know you need 'em in this summer heat. More

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