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Expert advice on skin care, makeup tips and hairstyles to fit your personality. Plus, fashion and style tips from the pros.
4 hours ago
Most skin care products contain an overwhelming list of long, hard-to-pronounce names. It's mind-boggling trying to decipher what is truly effective and what just sounds fancy. Girl, I got you. Here are eight different (and amazing) skin care ingredients, the benefit of each, and—most important—what these ingredients can do for your skin! Read before you buy.   More
5 days ago
SPF can protect your skin from sun damage, but knowing what level of coverage to use, when to apply and how often to reapply will make it more effective. We've got all the info you need to know in one helpful guide.   More
6 days ago
Every girl needs a well-rounded swimsuit collection for summer and with that a few fab tankinis. Whether you’re looking for something sleek or a little less subtle here are a few tankinis we think you should try on.  More
1 week ago
Nobody is immune to the occasional break out, even adults. Don't hide from the world while you wait for it to pass, follow these quick remedies for 3 types of blemishes instead.   More

Beauty Basics: How to Apply Bronzer

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1 week ago
Whether you’re headed to the beach or to a backyard pool soirée, these beach cover-ups have your back. More
1 week ago
When it comes to beauty tips, some advice defies logical explanation. And yet these beauty myths are widespread and continue to trip us up. With theories like facial yoga preventing wrinkles (cough, waste of time!) and feeling that you need to buy all your skincare products from the same line, here are the 13 biggest beauty myths—and the truth behind each.   More
1 week ago
The name "Keratosis pilaris" sounds serious. The first time I heard it, I assumed it had something to do with skin cancer, because no one uses a term that technical to describe a harmless rash. But that’s essentially what this condition (commonly known as KP) is: a frustrating but benign rash with the nickname “chicken skin” (because of its characteristic bumps). Many who have this common ailment misdiagnose it as acne or something else, so the first step in seeking relief from KP is understanding it.   More
2 weeks ago
Our no-sweat strategies for warm-weather beauty, makeup, and hair will keep you looking gorgeous no matter how hot and humid it gets this summer.   More
2 weeks ago
Blackheads are one the peskiest skin problems around, but thankfully, they're not the hardest to solve. In fact, you can reduce them using just a few everyday kitchen staples. We'll show you how. More
3 weeks ago
What you eat can make a difference. Incorporating proteins and complex carbohydrates into your everyday diet can help strengthen your strands. Add these foods to your diet for healthy, shiny hair.   More
3 weeks ago
Hey, we've all been there. You're out and about, having the best time ever until … the next morning. While you can't undrink those drinks, you can look fresh with great makeup and skincare. We have your guide.   More
3 weeks ago
  Before you bare your arms and legs, follow our expert tips to get them smooth, glowing, and fuzz-free.   More

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