Healthy eats for an active lifestyle?
I'm getting about 5 hrs a day of rigerous athletic activity in the form of summer sports (the majority of the excersize being cardio intervals). What can I eat that will help me lose fat, but is healthy enough for me to continue to support my lifestyle? I'm having trouble finding foods that help heal and rebuild all the muscle I'm using without having to eat a bunch.
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Great question -- each meal should have a balance of healthy carbs (veggies/fruits and some fibrous grains), lean protein, and healthy fats. To make it easy, imagine a peace sign on your plate -- the largest portion should be filled with veggies/fruit, one of the smaller pieces with a grain based carb, and the other part filled with lean protein. This is a simple way to eat well yet not worry a ton about counting nutrients. Hope this helps!
Answered by Dr_Chris_Mohr
Focus on lean proteins, like fish,beans, chicken and turkey. Also get a nice balance of whole grains, fruits, and veggies to help your muscles recover and grow!
Answered by Dr_Chris_Mohr
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