Dinner and Calories
I have two separate questions: I'm 5'7, weigh 140 pounds, and exercise quite often (around 5 times a week). I usually eat around 1400 calories a day and watch what I eat carefully, but still have the belly flab I've been trying to get rid of for a while. Is it possible I'm not eating enough calories, even though I never feel deprived? Another reason I think I may not be in as good shape as I’d like is because I usually eat dinner very late at night (8:30-ish, when I go to bed around 11).
Submitted by mcnabbmartha

I would look at the intensity of your workouts - incorporate a few days of interval training such as running/sprinting or fast pedaling on a bike. Stick with 30 - 60 sec of high intensity work followed by 1-2 min recovery at an easier pace. Perform 10-15 intervals per workout. Also, look at your diet. Cut out processed foods and any alcohol and you should see your body begin to change! Good luck!
Answered by Dr_Kara_Mohr
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i am the same size as you, i had the same question not long ago and started taking in more calories thinking it would help me. im a vegetarian so this was hard, but it means the extra food was all produce and raw foods, and it didn't help at all. i actually gained quite a bit.. so personally i wouldn't suggest upping the calories. but i'm going to try the pro advice above...
Submitted by summer_of86