how can I loose my baby weight eating healthy food?
I've been trying to loose weight for almost 2 years.Tried different things ,but nothing worked.I was 130lbs and now I am 147lbs.I started gaining weight after having a baby.I cut down all the high carb food and gradually I get bored with food and once in a while I go have Pizza and the weight kicks back. please help me.
Submitted by chanchalac

As a new mom myself, I understand how difficult it can be to lose the baby weight. A few suggestions for you: You didn't mention exercise - For weight loss aim to get 5 days of mod. intensity activity of a combination of cardio and weight training. Watch the BLTs, which stands for Bites, Licks, and Tastes. It's so easy to take a few spoonfuls of our kids food here, a little bit there and it all adds up. Keep a food diary so you know exactly how much you are eating.
Answered by Dr_Kara_Mohr
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