What exercises are the best to get toned abs?
I want to get some nice abs but not lose weight. How can I accomplish this?
Submitted by jenmendez89

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You vave to make sure your body fat is below a certain percentage and you would need to do a good all round core workout, preferably with resistance. www.honevg.com
Submitted by support29228

If you are not overweight (and it appears you are not), consider doing a well-rounded abdominal routine. Research shows that Pilates is great at getting all of the abdominal muscles in the ab group. Planks, the "double leg stretch," Pilates "hundred" are a few good ones. If you have a healthy spine, the "roll up" and "criss cross" will hit the other muscles nicely. These are done with precision. So, a few reps usually just 6-10 or each exercise are very effective and saving on calories.
Submitted by CoachDrMichele