Easing Wrist Strain
My wrists hurt when I do push-ups. What can I do to make them stronger?
Submitted by FitnessEditor

They're not as sexy as biceps or glutes, but strengthening the forearm muscles will help ease wrist strain. Try this move from Josh Salzman, personal trainer for Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson:

   1. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, elbows bent at sides and palms facing up, curl your wrists so that knuckles point toward the ceiling.
   2. Release; repeat for three sets of 15.

Answered by FitnessEditor
Community Answers (4)

Make fists with your hands instead of laying them flat on the ground. This is from p90X :)
Submitted by singhharmeetk

Using hex-head dumbells (instead of putting your hands direectly on the mat) is also a great method for doing the Downward-Facing Dog in yoga.
Submitted by christineschuy

Vary doing push-ups from your hands (re: with your palms down flat on the mat - the conventional way) with doing them off of large hex-head dumbbells. Doing them while gripping dumbbells keeps your wrist straight. When doing them with your hands on the floor, your wrists are bent to 90 degrees. Couple the strengthening moves with varying the position of your wrists.
Submitted by CoachDrMichele