smaller leg
what kind if exercise can i do to work my inner leg?
Submitted by angel7

Hi angel7: There are many exercises on this site that work your inner leg (wildcatskr is right -- do a search for "inner thigh," "legs," etc and you'll see a lot of them come up).


In the meantime, here are 3 great moves to get you started!

Answered by FitnessEditor
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Lateral Lunges, Plie-Style squats and side leg lifts require the inner thigh muscles to carry the load. Also, spinning is excellent (believe it or not). When you spin correctly, you always pull your knees to the middle of the so that your hips, knees and ankles stay aligned. Try it!
Submitted by CoachDrMichele

I've found many leg workouts that are really good for the inner leg on this website. Search in the leg workouts and pick out the ones that target this area.
Submitted by wildcatskr