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What Exercises Can I Do to Get Rid of a Flat Butt?

My butt is flat. How can I make my butt fuller or plumper?
Submitted by chevallemwall

Do cardio on an incline to burn and firm. You'll work your hips and glutes. Plus, tackling a killer hill routine sculpts your legs and tones your behind. 

Try these exercises: Jumping on a stepmill (that revolving staircase at the gym) or hitting the stairs -- they provide steeper climbs, the same as a 62 percent grade on a treadmill, Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief science officer for the American Council on Exercise says. "Even step-ups on a bench or taking a hilly hike will help." 

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weighted squats and lunges are the 2 best exersises!!1
Submitted by ctominec1
I got an amazing butt by doing kettle bell work outs. The combination of cardio and resistance with the free weight bell lifted my flat but, thinned my belly our and gave me rock hard legs. The one ingredient that everyone overlooks in trying to get a great butt is to loose the belly, back and side fat. Making your midsection tight will make all the muscle development in your butt really stand out.
Submitted by dan48807
I'm Brazilian here we do not work out like you think. Actually, women don't to be thin, we lift heavy on the weight - Principally legs and butt.
Submitted by lucianazuv35932
the frog kick is the kick used in breaststroke in swimming.
Submitted by
I was a college gymnast for 2 yrs and have always had an AMAZING butt and legs..until I hit 40(43 now). 2 yrs ago my daughter told me my butt looked flat and like it was droopy...eek. I started doing lunges and kick-backs at that time. I had a bit of weight on me and not until this past yr(lost 42lbs)did I give it my all. No matter what happens, even if I wake up late and don't get to the gym, I STILL do my butt exercises. I must say that at age 43, I have the butt I used to have and more!
Submitted by melissathayer12
Squats with weights keep your knees at a 90degree angle wen you go down and act as if you are sitting a machine with a bar that is connected is the easiest because you can hold the bar and sit back like you need to I got a huge butt from doing this for like a week!
Submitted by Libra10_21_91
I teach fitness classes and have for years, on top of being a certified personal trainer. Squats, lunges & kickbacks work amazing for sculpting a great rear view:) Also, deadlifts with extra concentration on squeezing your glutes and hips forward at the top of the motion brings great lift! Good luck and don't be afraid to go heavy on the weight!
Submitted by MelissaEik
is the best if you do dieting becuse that helps your muclexs get stronger as you get use to it youll starting to loose wight from you butt
Submitted by cute-ikra
I would do cardio & Glutel exercises and other kind of exercises.
Submitted by cizelmaria
I'm a Master's Student in Nutrition and Fitness, and personally, I think that the most effective lift and toner for glutes is the standard walking lunge- make it harder by doing it with a bar over your shoulders, or holding dumbells. Squats and plie squats are also great! Good luck!
Submitted by morganmedeiros7
Do elevated lunges. That is my go-to move when I need to lift my rear! Step-ups help too!
Submitted by bizzylovah80
Hands down to the step mill, stairclimber and treadmill on incline--do it at least 3-5 times a week and you would see great results within 4 weeks. Also, work on gluteus and hamstring weights, it will help to lift and burn cellulites on that area. If all else fails, do lunges when you can---that alone will be effective. Good luck! :)
Submitted by Glam_Aiye_NYC
I'm trying to picture the frog thing, but im not getting it. When I think of a frog I think of leaping not raising one leg. I'm confused. Lol
Submitted by stacybaker813
I'm trying to picture the frog thing, but im not getting it. When I think of a frog I think of leaping not raising one leg. I'm confused. Lol
Submitted by stacybaker813
For about 6 months I've used a chair to step up and down on (100 x per leg) 4 x a week and my butt has never looked better! My boyfriend noticed recently as well but because I haven't put on weight he couldn't figure out how I got such a round little rump! Great cardio workout as well.
Submitted by dbrassard
Holy Hanna, I felt the burn right away. I'll be frogging it everyday
Submitted by
Let me try to explain what I do! I bend forward and BALANCE myself on JUST ONE hand against a couch or something. Then I kick-back high and to the side like a frog! rapidly. The key here is to kinda allow a drop, like a micro squat with the grounding leg. You know you have it right when you feel a burn in the raised leg cheek and through the full gounding leg...Make any sense?! it works quickly in just two minutes per side per day. You get that stand up from the rear and sculped-in side look.
Submitted by kberry3342
I have always had a flat behind until i started yoga on a consisitent basis ,i started in jan 2010 and go about 2-3 times a week, i still can not believe it and my muffin top is almost gone.Yoga works
Submitted by kgd11
I used to have a pretty good rear, but I gained and lost weight, so I guess my butt decided to leave for good. I do cardio, step-ups, lunges, squats, leg exercises on a pully machine, and my lady lumps just won't come back.. guess some of us have to live with it.. sigh
Submitted by mamagerry
I have been working out for two years at a gym...45 min on 15* incline at 3.3 mph treadmill plus free weights and machines 5 days a week and my butt is still flabby and flat...I'm 70, have had cartilage removed left knee and hip replacement left knee...cannot firm the butt or remove muffin top even after targeting both with a with it?
Submitted by ctyank
i lost my butt when i got a car- thought it was a natural wonder before i realized it was all thanks to my bike-riding to work daily. about 5 miles round trip, steady pace, flat ground. that and i moved to a place i didn't have 14 stairs to my door. i agree with the above for that reason. the stairs help a LOT to get a little more muscle in your behind, but you have to do them a LOT to see good results.
Submitted by summer_of86

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