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Discouraged- Need Tips on how to lose 10lbs.

I am very active, I cheer, work out for about an hour or run about 4 miles a day 5 days a week. I eat around 1000 calories/day (mostly healthy calories), but I feel like I cannot lose weight no matter how much I try. I am getting discouraged. Advice as to what my next step should be?
Submitted by shortstuffcourt

Are you doing any resistance training? Mix in some intervals, too, so you're not just doing long cardio, but some shorter, high intensity "bursts" which burns more calories. As for the calories - without knowing more as to what "mostly healthy calories" means, it's hard to give suggestions. Carbs should come primarily from veggies and fruits, lean protein with each meal, and healthy fats.
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Submitted by abdus.shafi
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Submitted by bharatshah289
u might want to get your thyroid checked, my doc checked mine a couple years ago and was put on medicattion and it's helped me lose the weight i couldn't before.
Submitted by cmm4242
If you are not consuming enough calories daily, your metabolism will slow down, minimum calories should be 1200 per day.
Submitted by l_kauffeldt
I agree with Lauren. Are the 1000 calories what you are eating or what you have left after working out?
Submitted by amy.18
If you're working out hard 5 days a week and only eating 1000 calories/day, you might actually not be eating ENOUGH calories. I've read quite a few studies and articles saying that if you eat too little, your body goes into survival mode and tries to hang on to everything you eat. You might find that by increasing the healthy calories you take in, you burn more.
Submitted by lauren.m.mercer

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