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Calorie Deficit

knowing that its not safe for women to go below 1200..but how much of a deficit is too much...basically what is considered too low of a deficit? according to my calorie burning device, i burned roughly about 2400-2900 calories a day..but eat about 1500-1600..i'm 5'4 and weight 110 pounds with my body fat at 18.0%..sadly im still flabby..
Submitted by buruchik

A body fat percentage of 18 (%) is amazingly/athletically low. I encourage you to eat more calories, especially carbohydrates and work on adding muscle to your lean physique. You won't appear nor have much "flab." A calorie deficit below 1200 is considered a "starvation level" calorie intake. Since your calories are not meeting with your energy needs, it is preventing you from filling out with more muscle and body weight. At 5'4" your predicted weight is closer to 120 pounds. Best to you!
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Hi, Please see the following link for real weight loss technique.
Submitted by abdus.shafi
If Im Not Taken in enough calories Why do i weigh 135 when I want to weigh 115-120
Submitted by roberrtsllynn
i eat like a Bird i drink ice Coffee Sweet N low light Milk I eat an Apple Or bannana I eat salad low fat Yougart Dressing light on the salad . I use streach bands to exercise 30 min a day
Submitted by roberrtsllynn

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