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Losing hair 18 months after giving birth

I had a baby 18 months ago and he is my first. They say its normal to lose hair for up to a year but I am still losing hair by the handful. Its growing back but obviously slower then I am losing it. I had my blood tested and nothing was wrong, I take vitamins for hair, skin, nails, nothing works. I never lost hair like this before my baby and I have thin hair to begin with so losing alot makes it really thin. Any ideas on whats wrong or how to stop it?
Submitted by SeansMom

Here's what Philip Kingsley, trichologist and respected authority on hair and scalp health, had to say:

Post partum hair fall occurs between the 2nd and 7th month after having a baby.  Having lasted over a year, it is apparent that you have a probable metabolic problem causing your hair to fall.  Although you have had blood tests, you may not have had the right ones or they may not have been assessed correctly.  For example, a test often left out is ferritin which needs to be at least a minimum of 80 on the scale.  Also, you may have a slight thyroid anomaly. However, although you are taking supplements, they may not be quite the correct ones and it is important to eat correctly as hair is protein.  The most important meal of the day for hair is breakfast, and the second is lunch.  Ensure that you eat adequate protein in these meals.

Also, I make a pure protein supplement called PK4Hair available on  Also, you can get a copy of my book The Hair Bible (2003) Aurum Press,  which discusses this topic further.

Further you can start some home treatments by washing your hair everyday.  Massage the scalp for 30-40 seconds before shampooing.  Preferably apply a scalp mask, I make one (Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask), and knead your hair gently.  You should try this, but you may need more expert advice.  But these tips should help you anyway.

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