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How Can I Get My Hair to Grow Back Faster?

I have Trichotillomania. I used to have ridiculously curly and thick hair, now its thin and much more straight. I have quit pulling it out, now what can I do to help it grow back? I have been pulling it for about 7 years.
Submitted by dee_remo

"In most situations hair can regrow," says Trichologist Elizabeth Phillips at Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic, New York. "Some of the follicles may be traumatized or damaged but typically there is still the possibility of growth. Pay particular attention to diet and make sure  protein is included at breakfast and lunch. Eat three balanced meals a day with plenty of water, a good all purpose multi vitamin and extra iron or vitamin B12 if blood levels indicate anemia. External factors should also be attended to. Keep unnecessary styling to a minimum and watch the heat of the dryer. Turn down the heat, if it is too hot for the back of your hand, it is probably too hot for your hair and scalp. Treat the scalp and hair with a weekly scalp mask and an elasticizing hair treatment. Increasing circulation and stimulation via massage can also be a useful tool as you try to ensure the fastest healthiest regrowth. Each individual has a pre programmed rate of growth. However, many of us are not achieving that rate.By implementing some of the above listed advice a more favorable stage can be set to get hair back to its best as soon as possible. We also advocate stress management techniques and encourage our clients to take time to go to that yoga class, meditate or hit the gym."

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My hair grows really fast, some say it's because i'm polynesian (samoan), but i don't believe that to be the case. My hair has always been like that since before i could remember. And just as i was young until now, my hair grows out naturally without any growth remedies or anything of the sort. I wash my hair every other day, no special or professional products. Afterwards, I brush it out to untangle it. And finally i leave it to dry. Most people use blow driers, i use the wind.
Submitted by Reese4L

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