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Your 4-Minute Oblique Burner

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During Week 1 of our ab challenge with Tone House trainer (and ab extraordinaire) Lauren Williams, you used total-body moves to sculpt your entire core (think: lemon crushers, toe reaches, mountain climber holds, and plank up/downs). Then, in Week 2, you targeted your lower abs with dead bugs, leg drops, alternating toe touches, and scissors. (If you're just starting now, play catch up and join us!) Wanna know what's in store for you and your abs this week? Lots and lots of oblique love. "These twisting and rolling motions will fire up your obliques," says Williams.

As in the previous weeks, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday are your ab exercise days—that's when the strengthening magic happens. You'll complete one minute of Russian twists, side plank rotations, opposite arm/leg lifts, and banana rolls. That's just four minutes of ab work total. (Watch Williams demo each move in the video above.) Tuesday and Friday are your cardio days with HIIT froggers and sprinting. Rest on Saturday, and visit our full 30-day ab challenge for the grand finale next week. You're halfway home!

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Your Challenge Plan

Check off each day and get ready to see results. Want even more day-by-day, play-by-play help? Join our 30-Day Ab Challenge Facebook Event and we'll keep you motivated and on track.

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