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Write For Us! How to Contribute to


Here's What We Publish

Workouts: Videos, slideshows with great photos, all from certified personal trainers and accredited instructors from all realms. HIIT, barre, treadmill, yoga, dance, Pilates—we love it all!

Healthy Eating: Recipe posts, or roundups of healthy dishes from RDs and the healthy blogosphere. Great, high resolution photos are a necessity.

Beauty: Dermatologists, beauticians, hair stylists and stories that feature healthy beauty trends, with service to offer.

Health/Mind & Body: MD pieces and well-reported stories or personal essays about everything from injuries to illness and stress-relief.


Here's What We're Looking For From You

• For experts: Credentials for writing with authority. That means official, earned designations, so our readers can trust the info they’re getting! 
• For bloggers and influencers: Researched articles and stories, with references to primary sources (peer-reviewed journals, dietitians, certified personal trainers, doctors), gif roundup stories and personal essays.

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