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These Instagrams Prove Yoga Bodies Come in All Shapes and Sizes

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    Melissa Lee is a wife, mom, and yogi who uses incredible nature-filled backdrops and beautiful props to showcase her practice and grow a huge Instagram following. She proves there's nothing that can slow down this busy mom of two, continuing her modified practice (including headstands!) even when nine months pregnant.

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    Dana Falsetti came to yoga in search of peace from all of her inner demons: depression, anxiety, binge eating, and a lack of confidence. Through her years of practice, she has learned that yoga is a spiritual practice, one that allows you to be and see yourself with no physical attachment, and she is constantly teaching that practice to all of her followers. She is a true advocate of yoga for all, stressing that physical body isn't a deciding factor in whether or not yoga is for you.

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    When Sadie was a teen, she suffered from an un-definitively diagnosed central nervous system illness that rendered her nearly paralyzed for more than two years. Instead of giving up, she fought back with yoga and over the next 10 years ultimately reversed her condition. Today, Sadie is one of the fiercest yoga and wellness leaders in the world with a mind, body, and spirit that are healthy, strong, and capable of kicking ass every day.

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    Laura's passion for yoga started from a Level 1 Power Flow Yoga video—on VHS! Now a wife, mother, and "Instayogi" with more than 900,000 followers, she practices yoga daily to find stillness in her busy life. And when her busy life intersects with her practice? No problem. She just includes her adorable kids in her practice, proving that yoga has no age limits.



    Jessamyn Stanley, self-proclaimed yoga enthusiast and fat femme, has been practicing and teaching yoga for a combined four years in Durham, North Carolina. Her body-positive approach to yoga has brought thousands to her blog and social media account, where she encourages people to ask "How do I feel?" rather than "How do I look?" when practicing yoga. You can currently find her traveling the country with her fellow yogi @nolatrees on tour—sign up for a class before they sell out!

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    Brittany, of Crazy Curvy Yoga success, is truly in love with yoga and is a pure advocate of self-love through practice. After struggling with self-esteem issues for a majority of her life, she has used yoga to transform her life—not only losing more than 100 pounds, but also gaining an entirely new outlook on life and happiness, which is a daily inspiration to her nearly 25,000 (and growing!) Instagram followers.

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    Valerie, aka Big Gal Yoga, is a yoga practitioner who believes that as long as they have the determination, motivation, and patience, anyone can do yoga. But she doesn't just talk the talk: This past year, she started the hashtag #selflovingyogis to inspire people of all sizes, shapes, and skill levels to get out there and show off how much they love their yoga bodies.

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    Known as the "Janis Joplin of Yoga," Dana came to yoga after years of living life in the fast lane—as an MTV personality, a Wall Street stock broker, and as the owner of famed '80s hot spot, Trixies, in Times Square. With her rock star attitude and fun-loving nature, she inspires all of her students and followers with the idea that not all yogis follow the same formula. All you need to do is believe you can do it and leave everything else at the door.

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    She's been a double amputee for nearly eight years but can still be seen upside down holding poses in front of all different kinds of backdrops. Although she's fairly new to the Instagram game, she's already grown quite the following, inspiring both amputees and yogis with her incredible poses.

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    Dianne Bondy is a yoga teacher, author, motivator, and true leading voice in the yoga community. She is passionate about creating a more diverse culture that celebrates yogis of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and cultural background—and her work has inspired thousands of people. It even caught the eye of Canadian plus-size clothing line Penningtons, who is showcasing Dianne in their new campaign #IWontCompromise, which celebrates doing what you love with no limits, no fears, no judgments. Just pure enjoyment.