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8 Brilliant Ways to Use a Yoga Wheel to Boost Your Practice

  • Heidi Kristoffer

    Open Your Shoulders

    This amazing device opens your shoulders like nothing I have ever experienced before. Do yourself a favor: Roll on it, lie on it, breathe on it, relax on it, and feel your stress melt from your shoulders. It is definitely an exercise in exhaling and letting go, but when you do, it feels so, so good. Think of the yoga wheel as yoga blocks times 10 to optimally open your shoulders.

  • Heidi Kristoffer

    Open Your Sides

    Really opening up your side body isn't easy. Many people can't quite figure it out without just the right adjustment from a yoga teacher in just the right pose. The yoga wheel will open the sides of your body and create all sorts of space to move that you never knew existed. Simply kneel next to the wheel, drape your side over it, and be prepared to lengthen. No yoga instructor required!

  • Heidi Kristoffer

    Open Your Back

    Lying on top of the yoga wheel gives your back the perfect amount of support, allowing you to release enough tension to really loosen up. Lie on the wheel whichever way feels best and take lots of deep breaths. Reaching for your toes is completely optional!

  • Heidi Kristoffer

    Advance Your Backbends

    Not only does the yoga wheel open your back, but it enhances your back flexibility in general. This allows you to play with more advanced variations of backbends that you may never have dreamed you could get into. As always, proceed with caution, awareness, and lots of deep breathing. Only you know what feels good for your body, so keep in touch with how you're feeling every breath of the way.

  • Heidi Kristoffer

    Improve Your Balance

    If you can balance on this wheel, you can balance on pretty much anything. Practice first with your hands on the ground, and when you feel steady, test out your favorite standing poses on the yoga wheel (hello, core workout!). Doing this on soft ground or with a wall nearby is highly recommended to prevent injury.

  • Heidi Kristoffer

    Strengthen for Inversions

    If you've been trying to get into a handstand, but can't seem to quite get there, the yoga wheel could be your missing piece. Plant your hands on the ground with tops of your feet on the wheel, and roll the wheel until your hips, shoulders, and wrists line up. Learning your placement with the wheel as your guide—and building that core and arm strength—will prepare you to balance in that handstand in another inversion you've been hoping to master.

  • Heidi Kristoffer

    Improve Your Flexibilty

    The yoga wheel is an amazing tool to open your hamstrings and your hips, and there are a variety of poses you can play with to open your lower body. The pose pictured—feet on the wheel, folding over legs and holding on to the wheel—is a great way to open your hamstrings and lower back.

  • Heidi Kristoffer

    Hollow Back

    You'll be able to find the infamous "hollow back" pose much more easily by using a yoga wheel. If you're comfortable in forearm stand, hold the wheel with your hands, lift into your forearm stand, and then press your chest through your arms as you reach your toes down to the wheel (slowly, with control). Opening your chest in this way will make you feel like you have an extra lung.


Heidi Kristoffer

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