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These Snowga Pics Will Make You Want to Strike a Pose Outside

  • @yogoskenz, Instagram

    Be Willing to Get a Little Wet

    This yogi stopped mid-run for a shoeless handstand. Although it was freezing, she captioned the Instagram with some inspirational advice: "You gotta stop what you're doing, take off your shoes, get wet, get muddy, freeze, and do some yoga when the earth presents its beauty to you. Adventure is in the earth; it's all around you! You gotta be willing to experience it!"

  • @kamipriceyoga, Instagram

    Stop. Yoga Time

    Kami Price celebrated the New Year with some snowga handstands in Lake Tahoe. (Proof that snowboots and a winter coat can't keep you from doing some #stopdropyoga.)

  • @masumi_g, Instagram

    Become a Snowy Dancer

    Masumi, one half of Two Fit Moms hits a quick dancer pose during a busy day, and encourages her followers to "go ahead and forgive yourself when your body chooses rest over movement."

  • @acroyogaddicts, Instagram

    Grab a Friend

    Reina and Breanna, the acroyoga addicts who run this Instagram account, stop for some partner yoga on Figueroa Mountain in California.

  • @yoga_girl, Instagram

    Bend in a Blizzard

    Yoga girl Rachel Brathen, a resident of sunny Aruba, gets her #snowga on in Minnesota before heading to Philadelphia to continue her Gratitude Tour.

  • @freedivegirl, Instagram

    Use Your Environment

    A stump makes the perfect anchor for Stephanie's Visvamitrasana pose.

  • @gypsetgoddess, Instagram

    Get a Group Shot

    Caitlin Turner poses with fellow yogis for Alo Yoga's holiday collection. They make it look effortless, but Turner confesses in the caption, "It was so cold, but so fun!"

  • @cassyoga, Instagram

    Find Your Place of Zen

    Cassandra of @cassyoga takes snowga to the next level, literally: the roof. Seems like a genius idea to escape for some zen time.

  • @yoga_katy_daily, Instagram

    Do Crow In the Snow

    Katy Fay balances a crow pose and shares the secret to staying warm in the snow: "If the Mind WILL, the Body WILL. Engage your Mind to Believe in Unlimited Strength. This is just the beginning of your internal fire."

  • @bananablondie108, Instagram

    Blend In with Surroundings

    Michelle Muench stretches out in white yoga wear to match the surrounding winter wonderland.

  • @alissayoga, Instagram

    Push Yourself Further

    Utah native Alissa Kepas gets deep in the snow—and her forward fold—in this mountaintop Instagram snapshot.

  • @pocketdwarf, Instagram

    Step Onto the Ice

    Melissa Lee takes snowga one step further and turns it into ice yoga as she balances atop a frozen lake in this extended hand-to-big-toe pose.

  • @laurasykora, Instagram

    Turn Things Upside Down

    Laura Sykora, the other half of Two Fit Moms, proves you don't need a snowboard or half-pipe to get tricky in the snow.


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