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These Yoga Poses Will Make You Feel Like a Badass

When you think of workouts that make you feel badass, boxing or weight lifting might come to mind. (Which do both make you feel powerful AF. Try this boxing workout and this weight lifting guide to get a taste.) But there's more to yoga than Savasana and finding your zen—it can be the perfect place to tap into your inner power. The best way to channel it? Through these six poses guaranteed to bring our your inner badass, courtesy of Traci Copeland, Nike Master Trainer. (And BTW, there are no excuses not to try them. These amazing Instagram yogis prove that any body is a yoga body.)

Warrior II
Start in a deep lunge position with front leg deeply bent, rear leg straight, and rear toes pointing sideways with foot flat on the floor. Hold arms out at shoulder height, palms facing the ground. Keeping core tight, align shoulders directly over hips. Hold pose for 5 breaths.

Extended/Bound Side Angle
From warrior II, place front hand on the floor on the inside of front foot. Extend the other arm toward the ceiling to form a straight line from fingertip to fingertip. To make the pose more advanced: Keeping chest open toward the ceiling and core tight, wrap top arm behind back and reach for top of thigh. To deepen the bind, wrap bottom hand under thigh to connect with the other hand. Hold pose for 5 breaths.

Reverse Warrior
Return to warrior II. Reach front arm up toward the ceiling and lean back, keeping chest up and core tight. Rest rear hand on rear leg, maintaining a deep lunge. Open up chest and relax shoulders. Hold pose for 5 breaths.

Lizard Variation
From reverse warrior, lower both hands onto the floor inside of front foot. Heel-toe your front foot to the outside edge of your mat. For a more advanced option, lower forearms to the ground. For a modified option, lower back knee to the ground. Hold pose for 5 breaths.

Downward Dog Split to Rock Star
Start in lizard pose, with palms flat on the floor. Step front foot back into downward dog and pedal feet, pressing alternating heels into the floor. Lift one leg into a downward dog split, keeping hips square, and extending leg backward with toe pointed. Open up the hip and bend the lifted leg, then flip the dog by slowly lowering the raised foot to the floor. Reach the top arm up and over, extending past the head. Hold pose for 5 breaths.

Downward Dog Split to Handstand Prep
Carefully flip back into downward dog split, pointing toe inward. Hop bottom foot closer to hands, with palms flat on the floor. Come onto the ball of the bottom foot, and take little hops to lifting hips over head to progress into handstand. Once comfortable, bring feet together at the top. Use wrists and fingers to control movement and balance. Slowly lower feet to the floor, and come to stand in mountain pose.

Repeat the flow starting with warrior II on the opposite leg.


Lauren Mazzo

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