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Stress-Busting Yoga to Cure Your Winter Blues

Feeling the winter blues? Seasonal affective disorder can strike during the last few weeks of winter, bringing down your spirits and energy. The good news is there are ways to fight back and feel happier as you ride out the remaining days of chilly weather and snowy conditions. One of our favorite go-tos: yoga.

People who practice yoga have reported finding it helpful for their mental health. Women who regularly get into downward dog have less stress and anxiety, as well as improved moods. Combine these results with the fact that yoga can improve your flexibility, balance, and strength and it's a win all around.

This Vinyasa flow from Grokker expert Steffy White links one graceful movement to another and keeps you focused on your breathing throughout the exercises. The end result? Your body builds muscle and your mind feels at ease. Whether you're a regular yogi or new to child's pose, this workout is the perfect way to get on the right track toward a more consistent yoga practice. Grab your mat and get ready to feel centered, calm, and ready for anything—cold, snowy days included.

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