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8 Yoga Poses You Can Do in Your Desk Chair

  • Seated Chest Lift

    This very basic chair yoga move opens your chest while stretching your back.

    • Sit on the edge of your chair, feet flat, with both hands behind you.
    • Grip the seat with fingers pointing away.
    • Breathe in, lifting your chest; exhale and release your hands.
    • Repeat five times.
  • The Hip-Hugger

    This pose targets your glutes, hips, and lower back.

    • Cross your left ankle over your right leg, with right foot remaining flat on the floor.
    • Hold your ankle with your right hand to stabilize.
    • Keeping back straight, slowly bend forward over your legs.
    • Hold for three deep breaths before repeating with right leg crossed.
  • Seated Warrior Pose

    Getting its namesake from the traditional yoga pose, this seated version stretches your inner thighs and sides of your torso.

    • Sit up straight and place feet flat on the floor.
    • Extend arms out to the side with palms facing down at shoulder height.
    • Slowly rotate your arms and torso to the left, hold for one breath before rotating to the right.
    • Alternate stretching sides for one minute.

  • The Neck Opener

    Staring at a computer screen all morning can lead to tension in your shoulders and neck. Try this pose to release the stress.

    • Sit up straight at the edge of your chair with your feet flat on the floor.
    • Reach your left arm behind your back, then grab your left wrist with your right hand and lightly pull to the right side.
    • While holding your wrist, slowly rotate your neck from the right side to back and up and finally to forward and down.
    • Repeat for 30 seconds.
    • Switch sides.
  • The Skyscraper

    Take a midafternoon refresher to stretch your shoulders, triceps, and chest.

    • Sit with your legs together and feet flat on the floor.
    • Clasp hands in front of you, interlocking your fingers.
    • Turn your palms outward and raise straight over your head.
    • Bend slowly to the left and hold for two breaths before repeating on the right side.
    • Continue alternating for one minute.
  • Seated Twist

    Release tension in your spine and lower back—without encouraging funny looks from coworkers.

    • Sit on the edge of your chair with feet on the floor.
    • Place your right hand on your left knee and grab the chair back with your left hand.
    • Gently twist toward the chair and hold for a few breaths.
    • Return to center and switch sides.
  • The Hamstring Slider

    Sixty seconds is all you need to stretch out your hamstrings and lower back with this pose.

    • Sit all the way back on the chair and lift your left leg so it's parallel to the floor.
    • Place your hands on your knee, round your back, and slide your hands as far as your can along your shin.
    • Hold for 1 breath and slowly return to an upright position.
    • Repeat with the right leg extended, alternate for one minute.
  • Shoulder Finger Stretch

    Breath deeply while stretching out your shoulders, back, and hands.

    • Sit upright in your chair and interlace your fingers in front of you.
    • Stretch your arms straight over your head, flipping so your palms face outward.
    • Hold in this position for three breaths.
    • Lower your hands to behind your head on an exhale.
    • Inhale and raise above your head, keeping fingers interlaced for another three breaths.
    • Inhale and separate fingers while keeping arms straight.
    • Lower your hands to your sides on an exhale.