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Beginner Yoga Poses to Perfect Your Practice

If you follow any fitspirational yogis on Instagram, you know that yoga is all about creating long, beautiful lines with your body. And if you've ever tried Vinyasa on your own, you know that staying balanced throughout these poses isn't easy, despite what those photos might suggest.

Flowing seamlessly from one pose to another requires a combination of mental and physical skills—you need to stay mindful and focused and also have a strong core to support your movement. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or brand new to downward dog, there's always room to improve your alignment. How? By going back to basics and breaking down each pose to make sure your hands, arms, legs, and feet are in the right position and that you're inhaling and exhaling at the correct moments.

In this Grokker workout, yoga expert Siri Peterson gets you grounded by taking you through the key poses, step by step. The easy-to-follow class will make you stronger, better aligned, and ready to take on even the most challenging poses (hello, crow).

You'll be ready for your own perfect snowga shots in no time.

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