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Yoga Poses That Were Basically Made For Practicing on the Beach

  • Poses That Are Tricky for Sensitive Knees

    Many people complain of knee sensitivity during poses that require their knees to bear any kind of weight on the ground or mat. Enter the beach, where you can take advantage of the sand's softness. Create a flow featuring all of the poses that would normally require you to stop and put down a blanket for padding. Pictured here is mermaid pose, but any lunges with your knee down (camel pose, horse pose, etc.) will feel good.

  • Backbends

    The beach is a great place to open your heart. Heat from the summer sun—which gets soaked up by the sand—provides more flexibility and openness in your body, especially in your spine (not to mention it tends to melt away stress and tightness). Use the heat to your advantage and practice backbends or any other poses that will feel good with your enhanced flexibility. Be sure not to push yourself too far beyond your limits, though—keep in touch with how every part of you is feeling throughout your flow.

  • Tricky Standing Balances

    We all have one leg that is stronger or more stable than the other for standing balances. Gain confidence on your weaker leg by practicing tricky poses on the beach, where you have the advantage of the sand's softness (for any stumbles) and malleability around your foot (which can create stability).

  • Challenging Hand-Balance Poses

    Fear can keep people from trying inversions or arm balances. Take advantage of a soft landing pad to try out any poses that you're worried about doing on a harder surface.

  • Meditation

    Have trouble actually meditating? The sound of waves and the feeling of wind, sun, and sand all create the perfect setting for meditation, making it way easier to be present, cancel out mind noise, and check in with yourself. If you can't focus on your breath, try focusing on the sound of the waves and the feel of the sun or breeze on your face. (See: 5 Benefits of Meditation That Boost Your Workout Game.)


Heidi Kristoffer

Heidi Kristoffer is the creator and producer of Microsoft Bing Fitness Yoga & MSN Yoga, creator of CrossFlowX, wellness expert for multiple online platforms, and mama to baby twin girls.  More →

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