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The Yoga-Pilates Combo Class That Sculpts a Killer Butt

People often think of yoga as a stretching workout and Pilates as an ab workout. That kind of thinking isn't wrong, exactly (yoga and Pilates are indeed awesome for your flexibility and abs). It's just limited. The right yoga and Pilates moves can sculpt virtually any body part you want. And today we're focusing on the booty. (Don't worry, we're not asking you to give up your trusty squat for a better butt; do these moves in tandem with your usual lower-body workouts for maximum results.)

The workout: Tammy Mittell, the London-based yoga expert with, put together this yoga-Pilates combo workout using the best butt-sculpting moves from each method. By fusing the two different techniques together, Mittell created a powerful practice that will target your entire backside. Warning: Don't be surprised if you feel this one in your core the next day, too. That's the beauty of the Pilates method at work. Get ready to go shopping for new jeans—or yoga pants.

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