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The Beginner-Friendly Yoga Flow You Should Practice Once a Week

One of the beautiful things about yoga is that it comes in many forms, and you can tailor your practice to fit your needs. Whether that's holding each pose until your muscles quiver, sinking into relaxing movements that help you sleep, or quickly moving through a flow to get your heart racing, there really is something for everyone. And that includes beginners. Jeanette Jenkins, celeb trainer from The Hollywood Trainer Club, designed this flow particularly for newbies, and each sequence builds on the first one so you can continually deepen your practice. Jenkins isn't one to forget about your core, either, so you'll wrap things up with a burnout abs sesh — and enjoy that savasana knowing you've earned it. (Want to practice more poses? Try these.)

Total-Body Beginner Yoga Flow

How it works: Roll out your yoga mat where you'll have plenty of room. Work through each flow, then finish with boat pose and bicycles. Follow the video above to see how each pose should look.

Vinyasa: Plank, Chaturanga, Up Dog, Down Dog

A. Start standing with feet together at the front of your mat. Inhale, raising arms above head, then exhale and swan dive forward to bring hands to the ground.
B. Inhale and lift halfway up with a flat back, then exhale to fold forward and step back into a high plank.
C. Slowly lower torso halfway down into chaturanga. Push into palms to straighten arms and flip onto tops of feet for upward-facing dog.
D. Exhale and push hips back into downward-facing dog, forming un upside down "V" shape.
E. Shift hips forward to high plank to begin the next rep.

Do 4 reps.

Crescent Pose

A. Start in downward-facing dog. Inhale the right foot up into the air and then step forward between hands, knee bent.
B. Inhale to lift chest and raise arms overhead for crescent lunge, balancing on the toes of the back foot. Hold for two breaths.
C. Exhale to place hands on either side of your right foot. Inhale to step back to high plank. Move through a vinyasa flow.

Do 4 reps, alternating sides and performing a vinyasa flow to transition between each crescent pose.

Warrior Sequence

A. From downward-facing dog, lift right foot into the air and step forward in between hands. Swivel left heel down to the ground so toes point out at about 45 degrees.
B. Lift chest up and raise arms overhead with front leg bent into a lunge for Warrior I. Try to keep hips square to the front of the mat.
C. Open chest to the left, extend arms horizontally from shoulders, right arm forward and left arm back for Warrior II.
D. Flip right palm up toward the ceiling, reach forward and then up and back for Reverse Warrior, stretching the front side of the body. Hold for two breaths, then return to Warrior II.
E. Windmill hands to the ground, placing them on either side of right foot. Step left foot back into high plank, then move through a vinyasa flow.

Do 4 reps, alternating sides and performing a vinyasa flow to transition between each side.

Boat Pose

A. Start sitting with feet on the floor.
B. Engage your core and lift feet off the ground, balancing on your tailbone, keeping shins parallel to the ground.
C. Extend arms diagonally towards the front top corner of the room. For a challenge, straighten legs.

Hold for 8 to 10 breaths.


A. Start lying face-up on the floor. Lift legs and shoulder blades off the ground, heads behind head with elbows wide.
B. Twist torso to the right and drive left knee in toward chest to try to touch right elbow to left knee. (Keep right leg straight and lifted.)
C. Switch, extending left leg and driving right knee in, twisting left elbow to right knee.

Do 25 to 100 reps, alternating sides.