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Flow at Home with This Energizing Yoga Routine

As much as we love hitting our local yoga studio, there's something about practicing at home in your underwear (come on, you've done it) that's beyond appealing. So for those days when you can't make it to your favorite class—or just aren't in the mood to put on pants—we've got you covered with this at-home flow from Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan, co-founders of New York City-based Sky Ting Yoga(Check out their on-the-go travel flow, too.) 

This guided, 15-minute routine can be done any time of the day, any season of the year, and it'll help to energize and cleanse the mind, explain Krissy and Chloe. In addition to classics like cat cow and downward dog, you'll learn breath-work techniques you may not have tried before, like the "weird but potent" Kapalabhati breaths that involve short, sharp exhales and reportedly help to oxygenate your body while strengthening your abdominal muscles. (See also: 5 Yoga Poses for Killer Abs.) Press play and follow along without leaving the comfort of your living room. 


Kylie Gilbert

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