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Here's a Warm-Up You Should Squeeze In Before Every Workout

The weather’s all warmed up, and your muscles should be too before each and every workout. If you’ve been diving right into exercise, you might be causing your body unnecessary strain and pain. Luckily, our friends at FitStar have a perfect workout that will get you ready to rock your fitness routine in just 10 minutes. Studies show that keeping loose and ready can protect you from injury and help you perform better, and who doesn't want an easy hack to to net a better mile time? (See these Yoga Stretches That Will Make You A Better Runner)

In this quickie video you'll see moves like knee raises, jumping jacks, and dynamic stretches—all moves that you're probably familiar with, because it was developed for people of all fitness levels. It can even be used as a standalone session if you're under a tight time crunch. Otherwise, use it as a precursor before diving into a longer routine. 

Download FitStar here for more exercises and ideas for breaking a sweat. And if you're looking to blast through a workout with maximum results, try a 10-Minute HIIT Routine that will scorch calories in no time.