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This Spin on Solo Boxing is an INSANE Way to Train

Whether you're channeling your inner Laila Ali while boxing or enjoy kicking ass like Heather Morris through mixed marital arts, combat sports-based workouts are all the hype. That being said, it's not easy to do without a partner or a punching bag. And let's be real, punching the same bag over and over can get pretty redundant after a while.

Enter Shadowball Boxing. As long as you have a wall and a Shadowball, you can work on your upper-body strength anywhere, anytime. And the best part? Unlike conventional punching bags, a Shadowball does not require costly installations.


Stefon Joseph, Shadowball boxing with a twist! At Olympia Performance. I don't know how he does it.

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The concept is simple: Find a wall outside or inside and bounce the Shadowball off of it with a punch. Weighing about a pound and a half, the ball should give you just the right amount of resistance to get that heart rate going.

The idea is to use series of soft uppercuts to bounce the ball. As you become used to the motion, you can pick up the pace, step farther away from the ball, and hit the ball harder—or even introduce movement into your workout. At the very least, the Shadowball allows you to spice up your workout. And who knows? It could become the next best thing when it comes to upper-body training.


Faith Brar

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