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Meet the Grokstar Finalists!


The time has come to meet your GrokStar finalists! We whittled the competitive field down to three top-notch contestants, flew them to New York to put their skills to the test, and we can’t wait to share their amazing workouts with you.

From barre to boot camp and everything in between, who do you think will become the next GrokStar?

We need your help deciding! Starting May 9th, you will get the chance to try each of the finalists’ workouts and pick your favorite. Each finalist will present a 10-minute and 20-minute workout for you to try. Tell us which workout(s) you love best by voting between May 16th-May 27. Stay tuned for more details on how to cast your vote.

Steph Villegas


Steph is a yoga & barre instructor from San Diego, California. Known for her genuine, kind spirit and quirky style, Steph enjoys making her students smile, laugh out loud, and connect to their bodies.

When out of stretchy pants, she enjoys working on her meditation & yoga supply company, Sittin’ Pretty Still, cooking new recipes, drinking wine with her friends, and exploring new places.

Favorite workout move – Squats & forearm plank.

Spirit animal – Dolphin because they seem very happy and joyful.

Favorite motivational phrase – “You’ve got this.” and “Do this for you.”

Favorite indulgent treat – Dark chocolate and wine.

Why do you want to be the next fitness GrokStar? First, I’m a Grokker Enthusiast & love the conveniences and quality of the workouts. Second, I have the spirit & passion to motivate other Grokker Enthusiasts. Barre classes at studios are expensive & I want everyone to experience the benefits of having long, lean, toned muscles.

Keith Johnson


A personal trainer and Jillian Michaels Bodyshred Master Trainer, Keith may seem like a tough guy, but don’t let his exterior fool you. This guy is a total softy. Known for his killer workouts and positive encouragement, Keith is the guy in town to get you fit.

Formerly a body builder, Keith quickly realized the benefits of cross-training and now challenges anyone who thinks bodyweight-only workouts are too easy to give one of his a try.

Favorite workout move – Variations of lunges.

Spirit animal – Horse.

Favorite motivational phrase – “You’re killin’ it!”

Favorite indulgent treat – Pizza.

Why do you want to be the next fitness GrokStar? I’ve spent the last 8 years in a gym every day and have had much success in the training and group exercise industry. Now I want to spread my passion and gift for helping others to the masses.

Sandra Augustin


Sandra is a 25-year (plus) veteran to the fitness industry and the owner of SASS Fitness in the Sacramento, California area. For 20 years, Sandra competed in every form of fitness from aerobics to extreme obstacle courses. She eventually earned her professional status with International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB).

As a retired fitness competitor, Sandra now devotes her energy to helping her clients. She trains and coaches women from all walks of life with various different goals. Whether it is weight loss, finding their competitive edge, or decreasing external stress through exercise, Sandra has her clients covered.

Favorite workout move – Weighted fire hydrants with opposing hand/knee for stability.

Spirit animal – Lion because they have “courage and power.”

Favorite motivational phrase – My clients say that when I yell their name from across the room it motivates them to focus their energy on their task, not their problems outside the gym.

Favorite indulgent treat – Cheese and wine.

Why do you want to be the next fitness GrokStar? We all have our natural gifts in life; I’ve come to find my gifts are my boundless energy and strength. Through SASS Fitness I strive to grow a community of hard-working, supportive women who are inspired and motivated by the success of their sisters. With Grokker, I hope to expand my presence (and energy) beyond Sacramento.

There you have it, your top three. Who will you be voting for on May 16th?

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