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15 Things Every CrossFit Newbie Experiences

1. When your crazy-dedicated , usually injured friend first suggests you try CrossFit.

2. You arrive and notice that everyone is BFFs.

3. When you glance up at the WOD board.

4. When you realize how many squats you need to do.

5. "Wait, what's an AMRAP?"

6. "And who the heck is FRAN?!"

7. OK. Well, too late to back out now. You'll just follow everyone else's lead.

8. "I'm keeping up with everyone. I guess I'm stronger than I thought!"

(*Disclaimer: PLEASE do not attempt this on your first try.)

9. "Were the burpees this hard last time?!"

10. Legs are starting to shake. What have I done?

11. Oh thank God, only one rotation left.

12. Those final seconds count down and your second wind comes out of nowhere.

13. The board shows your stats against everyone else's.

14. But then the team celebrates your victory and you begin to understand the whole CrossFit obsession.

15. Feeling pretty accomplished, you leave with your head held high.