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Workout and Exercise Tips

Want to know the secrets to getting a toned, trim body in record time?

According to a recent survey, 65 percent of women avoid the gym over anxiety about being judged. We talked to the experts about how to up your confidence and ditch gymtimidation.

It's important—whether you want one or not.

These tips and tricks will help you stave off injury and ace your next race.

Whether the idea of doing tree pose makes you cringe or fills you with pride, these dynamic balance tests are worth a try.

You might be a badass with a barbell, but see if you can dominate these tough strength tests.

From virtual reality workouts to foam-rolling-specific workouts, these trends are coming your way in the year ahead.

When temperatures drop, it's easy for motivation to go AWOL. But the benefits of getting your sweat on are always worth it—no matter what time of year it is.

Reason number 1: Pants are optional!

Fitness pros explain why sore backs and cycling class can sometimes to go hand-in-hand—and why it doesn't need to stay that way

Sure, you can burpee till the sun goes down, but can you pass these standard fitness tests?

Can we please give the whole, "lifting heavy makes me bulky" notion a rest?

The sci-fi actress also shares how she stays healthy with an autoimmune disease, and why she couldn't care less about how she looks as a new mom.

The National Park Service (aka the wrangler of all things nature in the USA) turns 100 this August.

Ladies, it's time to get a grip—literally. One new study says 20-something women have lost a lot of strength in their hands.