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Tone Your Lower Half Using Just Your Bodyweight

Oh, bodyweight workouts. How we love thee. The beauty of them is, of course, that you don't need any equipment and they can be done anywhere — the park, gym, living room, heck, even an office works when you're in a pinch. Regardless of where you choose to bust out a bodyweight workout, it's almost certain that you can blast away a decent number of cals and tone up in no time.

At least, that's the case with this lower body workout from certified trainer Jaime McFaden. Each exercise is designed to tighten, lift, tone, and strengthen your entire lower half, and because the routine is bodyweight only, there are a myriad of modifications available so that it can meet your exact activity level. Plus, you'll be working multiple muscle groups at once, so there won't be any time wasted. (Want more of a lower body blast? Try this barre workout you can do at the beach.)

This routine is broken down into two blocks, giving you have a mini break in between. To get started, follow McFaden in the video above. You'll perform each move in block one for 30 seconds, then move on to block two. Then it's time to head back to the beginning, where you'll perform the exercises in each block once more. Once you're done, don't be surprised if you notice how ~fine~ you feel. It's a common side effect of a killer workout.

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