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Stretches For Every Muscle in Your Body

Stretching is a critical part of any workout routine. Explore our collection of stretching exercises and tips, including how to stretch your knee, calf, back, groin, hamstrings, quads and more.

As the onetime resident yoga instructor at Nike headquarters, alignment pro Tiffany Cruikshank perfected this series while working with all the stiff runners who came looking to loosen up.

The IT band is a fibrous tissue that lies over the muscles from the hip to the outside of the knee, says Wendy Winn, PT, OCS, of New York Custom Physical Therapy in New York City.

You're stiff. You're tired. It's been a long day. Why not take a few minutes to stretch and feel a whole lot better?

Call it a runner bummer: "The repetitive motion of running is bound to cause tight spots," says Jordan D.

Flex your mind with these facts before you hit the mat.

Follow our quick stretching guide to test your tight spots and loosen up your knots.

Do these stretches right before bed to fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Stretching is crucial for endurance and staying injury-free. Keep your flexibility level high with this hip-limbering move from exercise guru Robert Reames.

Improve your flexibility with 6 all-new stretches that target your tightest muscles.

Limber up fast with these three moves designed to keep your hamstrings flexible and strong.

Our fitness expert suggests a stretch for tight shoulder and chest muscles.

When doing muscle-lengthening stretches, how long should you hold the position? Our expert describes how to perfect your stretches.