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Stretches For Every Muscle in Your Body

Stretching is a critical part of any workout routine. Explore our collection of stretching exercises and tips, including how to stretch your knee, calf, back, groin, hamstrings, quads and more.

It feels like a deep tissue massage for your muscles.

For when you're rather do anything besides get out of bed

Finally nail the ultimate test of flexibility with these moves from a Nike Master Trainer.

Step beyond your regular stretch routine and try these moves from Lisa Niren, instructor at The P.E. Club, Cityrow and CYCLEBAR in New York City, for the ultimate relief after cycling.

Remember how flexible you were when you took ballet growing up? Get loose and warm up those muscles to prep for a workout (or cool down from one) with these pro dancer stretches.

If yoga isn't your cup of tea but you still need to get loose, give this full-body stretching routine a try.

Sitting in a chair all day? Womp womp. Do these stretches for back pain and your body will never know it.

Still confused whether or not you should stretch after a run? And which stretches are best?

Sprinting to the recovery food? Not so fast. Why you should think twice about blowing off your next stretch sesh.

Good mobility basically means that you can move your limbs with a full range of motion, without restriction.

Spin. Sit at desk. Do some yoga. Sleep. Sound a bit like your life? These everyday activities are great for your health but could quickly become, well, a pain in the neck.

You know stretching has a ton of benefits, but the wrong stretches could cause more hurt than help.

Stretching feels ah-mazing for a reason: The right stretches have the power to remake your workout, your health, and your life. Think we're exaggerating?

It's easy to have achy shoulders after dominating overhead press (or—ahem—slouching in front of a computer all day).

Sore hamstrings after a strenuous cardio sesh or lower-body day? These hamstring stretches can help.

Foam rollers are the ultimate "hurts so good" fitness must-have. Find the one that fits your needs, then thank us later.

Stretching can make or break your workout. Here's the final word on static stretching and dynamic stretching, plus how to take advantage of both for a better, injury-free workout.