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Tell Every Runner You Know: Track Emojis Are Here


Emojis are basically the language of the future. (Why use words when that little yellow smiley can convey your emotion?) Now that we have avocado emojis and bacon emojis, life is a better place. And the head emoji makers at Unicode Technical Committee rolled out some great Olympics-themed bits just in time for Rio to roll around.

But that didn't stop some of our favorite Olympians—like Gabby Douglas—from creating their own emojis. Or, for that matter, the entire USA Track & Field association.

Yup, USATF (the governing body for track and field in the USA), has created TRACKMOJIS, a collection of emojis, GIFs, and stickers to celebrate the 129 track and field Olympians headed to Rio. So, basically, they're the only thing you're going to need to text your running-obsessed friends about the Olympics this summer. There's everything from a hurdler and long-jumper to a spear-thrower and high-jumper to an American flag and shiny gold medal.

But there's a catch: it's $0.99 in the app store. So it's not free, but definitely worth the hours of fun you'll have texting your running buddies. Plus, there's the fact that the regular emoji keyboard is seriously lacking in female athletes. At least these Trackmojis show off women's insanely impressive abilities on the track.

So load up on Trackmojis and get ready for Rio—you'll definitely need them to watch 800m runner Ajee Wilson and these other rookie Olympians.


Lauren Mazzo

Lauren Mazzo is a digital editorial assistant for FITNESS and SHAPE. She's an Ithaca College alumna, a Rochester, NY, native and an NYC transplant.  More →

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