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You Know You're a Runner When...

  • Race Time

    You schedule vacations around races.

  • Your Toes

    Your pedicurist doesn't bother to ask about your lack of toenails.

  • Watches

    Your running watch is your most expensive piece of jewelry.

  • Your Kind of Shots

    You get excited about new flavors of Gu.

  • Your Social Life

    Your friends know not to make plans with you on Sundays, your long run day!

  • Splits

    You can't physically do a split, but you know all about the ones on your wrist.

  • Toilet Training

    You have absolutely no fear of Porta-Potties.

  • Bibs Aren't Just for Babies

    Someone asks you to bring a bib to baby shower, and you bring the wrong kind.

  • Rocking the Spandex

    You don't own a pair of nice pants, but you do own some dressy spandex options.

  • The State of Your Hamstrings

    It's easier for you to run up hills than to touch your toes.

  • Foam Rolling

    Your foam roller is your #1 frenemy.

    Originally published on, February 2013.