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This Couple Got Engaged On a Run and It's Adorable

Patrick Mazzocco

If you avidly log your runs onto your GPS watch, MapMyRun, or another app, you know that the inner-app running communities are strong. You know who's training for a big race, and who's been lazy lately. You may have even met a few running or biking buddies (or competitive frenemies) through the app IRL.

One couple—two avid runners named Andrew and Lisa—originally met on Strava, a fitness tracking app and social network, at age 22 in Illinois. They later both relocated (separately) to San Fransisco, where they met, started dating, and stayed updated on each other's runs in the Golden State.

When Andrew knew he wanted to propose, he was in the midst of a 12-week training program for a 100k (62.2 mile) race. He was titling his runs in the app according to different themes each week: alliteration, the titles of movies or songs, hashtags, quotes from a running book, proverbs, etc. The week leading up to the proposal, he adopted a different theme—all milestone questions from their relationship. That week, he titled his workouts: "hello, what is your name?" "would you like to go to dinner sometime?" etc. until the big day.

Strava Engagament Name

"We're both hopelessly addicted Strava users, so it's very common that we're looking at each other's workouts and seeing what's going on," Lisa said. "When I saw the files at the beginning of the week I started to get a hint, but I wasn't completely sure yet. I asked him, 'What's your theme this week?' And he said, 'You'll find out.'"

While on a Saturday run together, he sped ahead, up to a ridge overlooking San Fransisco Bay. When she got there, he popped the question. On April 16, 2016, his workout was titled: "Will you marry me?" and Lisa's was "Ever After." (Cue all the feels.)

Strava Engagement Map

As for the happy couple? Even with Andrew's 100k behind him, they have no plans to stop running.

"Running will definitely stay a big part of our lives," says Andrew. "It's just a really special way to share time with each other, and something we both really value. It can be a hard lifestyle to understand, so having someone who also appreciates it and someone to support you in it, that's really significant."

Strava Engagement Trail


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