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Stunning Trail Running Instagrams That Will Inspire You to Go Wild

  • @tinydbo Instagram

    Race Along the Red Rocks

    Ultra runner Denise Bourassa, aka @tinydbo, crushes this picturesque trail along Smith Rock State Park in Oregon. If our run had that view, we might be tempted to stop and admire instead of keep running.

  • @seenonmytrail Instagram

    Parkour in the Park

    Raina, the runner from @SeenOnMyTrail, makes hopping over a log giant tree in North Umpqua Park, Oregon, look crazy easy. Call it all-natural obstacle racing. (Want to try obstacle racing yourself? Read these tips first.)

  • @patagonia_trailrunning Instagram

    Move Among Mountains

    Remember when you complained about that little hill on your run yesterday? Run some mountains (like these Canadian Rockies), get on Chloe Lanthier's level, and then you can complain.

  • @trailbutter Instagram / @ken_etzel Instagram

    Grab an Adventure Buddy

    This photo isn't just about the scenery: It captures ultra runners Krissy Moehl and Jenn Shelton attempting to set the fastest known time (FKT) for the 200-mile John Muir Trail in California in 2015.

  • @speedymama Instagram

    Speed by the Sea

    Trail runner and mother of four Jessica Slaughter (who goes by @speedymama on Instagram) is so speedy, she almost dashed out of the frame in this photo of the North Coastal Trail in Scotland. (If you're about ready to tackle your own trail run, here are nine things you need to know.)

  • @yellowrunner Instagram

    Play on Peaks

    Trail running is less about running and more about playing—at least according to Sally McRae, @yellowrunner. She proves that point by leaping across boulders on Mount Baldy in California. Goal: Have that much energy after running up a mountain. Any mountain.

  • @runner4cake Instagram

    Get Wet and Wild

    The best way to finish a trail run? Make it a water run. Margaret of @runner4cake (that's a mentality we can get behind) dashes into a lake near Salt Lake City, Utah. (This should be included in our beginner's guide to trail running, right?)

  • @mais_runs_trails Instagram

    Get Those Forest Feels

    This 14-mile run was filled with waterfalls, bridges, and tons of adventure, according to Instagram runner @Mais_Runs_Trails. That might sound like a lot of miles, but when you have such beautiful scenery to distract you, it can't be too bad.

  • @mais_runs_trails Instagram

    Do It for the View

    This Northern Cali marathoner Linn Tyhurst (@irun_norcal) is running her first trail marathon in this pic. If trail marathons all come with views like that, sign us up!

  • @miniuii Instagram

    Run the Ridge

    Marie-Eve of Quebec says, "Running up on a ridge is like the best feeling in the world!" We can't help but believe her. This photo of Tent Ridge in Canada makes it look like she's on top of the world.

  • @runningwithsam Instagram

    Get Lost (on Purpose)

    This photo make look serene, but Aimee Morey of @RunningWithSam added a caption with the real story: "Not all who wander are lost, but those who let the dog lead end up in some unexpected places....#dogismyrunningcoach." Her dog, Sam, apparently led her on a six-mile sunrise mountain run, as adventure dogs do. When is comes to running buddies, he seems like a solid one.


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