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The 13 Phases of Training for a Marathon

Phase 1: You. Are. So. Pumped.

Phase 2: The commitment starts to sink in.

Phase 3: You start to think of training loopholes.

Phase 4: You complete your first long run and feel like you can tackle ANYTHING...

...except for the pain the next morning.

Phase 5: Your friends start questioning your choices.


Phase 6: You become a human garbage disposal.

Phase 7: Staying awake the Monday after a 20-miler is almost harder than the run itself.

Phase 8: You soak up all the positive vibes at the expo.

Phase 9: Wait, you're running HOW many miles tomorrow?

Phase 10: Training's over. It's go time.

Phase 11: Two words: Mile 20.


Phase 13: Yeah, you'll probs run another marathon next year. NBD.