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A Marathon Training Plan for Every Level

You know what's way less intimidating than running a marathon (besides, well, everything)? Running realistic distances regularly, while adding miles gradually. That's exactly what Debora Warner, founder and program director of Mile High Run Club and RRCA Certified Running Coach had in mind when she devised these marathon training plans fit for every skill level. Whether you're training for your first marathon or your fastest marathon, follow one of these training plans to progress gradually over the course of 18 weeks, reducing your risk of injury and improving your chances of actually sticking with it.

Throughout the plan, you'll run at conversational pace (CP), marathon goal pace (MG), and an active recovery pace (AR). Master the cross-training workouts (like walking, hiking, stair climbing, and deep water running) and hill work, and the start line will suddenly start looking a whole lot sweeter. (Don't forget to add these stretches for runners to the mix.)

Ready to run? Download your personal plan here. You're a beginner if you run less than 18 miles per week and have never run a marathon. You're intermediate/advanced if you run more than three times per week and have run at least one marathon. On your mark...



No training plan is complete without strength-training. Master these moves for a stronger stride.