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Marathon Training

Whether you're training for your first marathon or your fourth, we've got the training schedule for you. Don't miss our marathon training tips, including half-marathon training plans, hill workouts, speedwork and more.

Hint: You'll start speaking Runner-ese and save money on pedicures.

Experts reveal how many long runs you can skip without ruining your race.

A peanut butter shortage, for starters.

One woman decided 26.2 miles just isn't worth the glory.

Winter weather means outdoor workouts aren't always an option, and that's a problem if you have a spring marathon or triathlon on the cal.

Training for a 26.2-miler is more doable than it sounds—when you have a marathon training program to follow.

Somehow, those infamous long runs (you know, the really long ones) never seem to get easier, no matter how conditioned you are.

Prepping your mind, body, and soul for a marathon is a unique fitness experience.

We're so excited the NYC Marathon is finally here—three of our own are running! But preparing for and tackling the 26.2-mile urban trek isn't where your fit girl journey ends.

Follow these taper tips from Andrew Kastor, Asics America running coach, to get to the marathon start line like a pro.

Your bod was built for running. And the more you do, the hotter and healthier you get. Whether you want to slim down or speed up, we've got the tips, training plans and sweet gear that will move you.

Looking to lace up and log your first 26.2? We've scouted out the coolest courses and races with the best perks for you to sign up for.

Can you go from not being able to run a mile to completing a marathon? Here, marathon training tips from a woman who did it.

Pushing the pace is not just for stopwatch nuts looking for faster times on race day.

BetterTV host Jill Cordes shares her experience running the New York City Marathon for the first time.