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9 Hilarious Shapes Runners Have Made On Their Daily Routes

  • Wine & Dine

    This wine-bottle-shaped 8.5k in Vancouver is the perfect pregame for popping a bottle and relaxing the rest of the day. After more than five miles, you've earned a glass of red.

  • Claire Wyckoff

    Running from Dinos

    Runner Claire Wyckoff has a whole Tumblr devoted to her running shapes—including this impressive T-Rex in honor of Jurassic World.

  • Earn Your Turkey

    If you're not running in the shape of a turkey on Thanksgiving, you're doing it wrong.

  • @clairewyck Instagram

    Make Emoji Magic

    Crush the emoji game by running, rather than typing, the best emoji of them all.

  • Run to the Dark Side

    Crossing over to the dark side isn't easy—this route takes some serious dedication, but won't all your Star Wars friends be impressed?

  • @ssppiii Instagram

    Love is Love is Love

    Show the world what you're all about with this route.

  • The Cheapest Birthday Present Ever

    Short on cash, but need a birthday present for a friend? Dedicate your miles to them. Better yet, drag them along with you!

  • @steph_han_art Instagram

    Rock On

    Major artistry points go to this runner in Long Beach, CA for putting together this "rock on!" hand symbol. Listening to classic rock during the seven-mile run is mandatory, of course.

  • Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

    Run a few miles in the shape of a cake and, well, don't be surprised if that's what you find yourself craving later. #noshame


Lauren Mazzo

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