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The 10-Week Half-Marathon Training Plan for Intermediate to Advanced Runners


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If you can run at least five miles, have mastered the 10K, or want to race faster, try this plan. "The biggest no-no that regular runners make is staying at the same pace run after run, in what I call the mushy middle," says Troy Jacobson, official coach of Iron Girl and Ironman, who mapped out this antidote. Run for the time listed each day, speeding up to a higher-intensity zone for the minutes indicated in parentheses, and you'll make it to the finish in record time.

Download the Intermediate/Advanced Half-Marathon Training Plan

Must-Do Moves for Runners

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Nutrition for Runners

Carbs are crucial to keep you energized. Fuel up without overdoing it with these meal plans and recipes.

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Get a Running Buddy

"I ran the MORE/FITNESS half in 2010, but this time I'm doing it to raise money for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp," says FITNESS sales account director Susan Sagan Levitan.