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All your friends are doing it — just check out the brag shots on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. Want in?

Stick to your training plans and take on more miles with these tips from readers who've successfully crossed the finish line.


You've conquered marathon after marathon, and now you're ready to go bigger — and farther. These ultramarathon training tips from expert distance runners can help you get ready to go the extra mile.

It'll improve your strength and balance, setting you up for long-term success. 

Something as silly as forgetting to lock your swivel wheel can have serious consequences for your little running buddy. Here's how to keep your kids safe when using a jogging stroller.

Your form, pacing, even your breathing will thank you.

Thanks to USATF, you can express all your long-run, runner's high, and Olympics excitement feels with a quick finger tap.

Hitting your stride just got a whole lot easier.

One of the greatest sprinters in Olympic history talks about the "funny" running style that earned him the title "World's Fastest Man."

For those who may or may not be feeling a bit bored with mileage goals, plotting your route to form a hilarious (and sometimes inappropriate) shape on your run-tracking app may be the solution to put

A sport nutritionist shares the right method to drop pounds while still maintaining your level of fitness.

A new study of ultramarathoners shows that a high-fat diet might just be the key to crushing new PRs.

Hint: You'll start speaking Runner-ese and save money on pedicures.

Those cushiony, supportive running sneakers can actually change your feet by making certain muscles work harder, concludes a new study.

You can only pound the pavement for so long before you start itching for some green.