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Red Carpet Secrets to Looking Slim

How Celebrities Diet and Exercise

Remember the gold backless, sideless, and nearly belly button-baring dress Jennifer Lopez wore to last year's Golden Globe Awards? It's nearly time to ogle sculpted celebs in sequins again: The awards show is on January 17. We grilled celebrity nutritionists Christine Avanti, author of Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads, and Ashley Koff, RD, a FITNESS advisory board member, to find out how A-listers prep for those deliciously daring dresses.

Say Pink comes to see you. What's the first thing you tell a new client?

AK: "Balance your nutrients. Every three hours, eat one serving each of carbs, protein, and healthy fat for energy without adding pounds. Still hungry? Snack on veggies. They have enough bulk to send the 'I'm full' message to your brain."

What if she shows up just a few days before a big event?

AK: "To look as lean as possible, I suggest a nutrient-rich liquid diet — smoothies made with plain coconut water, protein powder, and berries; organic vegetable juice; and no-sodium soup purees with healthy fats and proteins, like flaxseed oil, hemp seeds, and seaweed — so she won't keel over on the red carpet!"

How do stars beat bloat?

CA: "They avoid salt as much as possible. If they slip and eat some pretzels, I tell them to have half a banana or another potassium-rich food. Sodium pulls water into your cells and makes you retain it, while potassium pumps it out, which helps to deflate bloating."

What kind of exercise is best?

CA: "My clients do an hour of cardio, like running, plus yoga every day. The sweating, twisting, and bending flush toxins that accumulate in organs and fat tissue and that can lead to weight gain or bloating."

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, January 2010.