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Rachel Weisz's Butt Workout

Celebrity mom Rachel Weisz looks effortlessly beautiful and fit. How does she do it? Celebrity Trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche, who trains Rachel Weisz, shares how. Joujon-Roche is the founder of Gregory Joujon-Roche's Holistic Fitness, a health and fitness training program that focuses on overall well-being, not just physical fitness. He recommends a diet of high-fiber, water-rich vegetables, proteins like tofu and fish, and essential fats from raw almonds and seeds. Joujon-Roche also gave us this treadmill exercise to make the most of your cardio and get a better butt while you're at it.

Treadmill Tactics

  • After warming up on the treadmill by walking for 3 minutes, increase the incline to level 8, hold on to the handles, and pretend that you're trudging through the mud.
  • Bend your knees and dig into the treadmill with your heels for one to two minutes, then lower the incline back to 1 for one to two minutes to recover.
  • Repeat this cycle 10 times.
  • You'll increase your calorie burn as you sculpt a sexy butt.

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Originally published on, September 2008.